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Why I can’t listen to dark music while drawing

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Hello, fellow followers, Due to my current situation, I’m forced to open commissions. My family is in danger of being homeless.

Our home is old, and breaking, and we need renovations, in result our landlord gave us 2 months to move out. And we do not have the time and money to do it, but we must. I decided to help my family out in ANY way. Please help us out? I do not wish to guilt you into buying anything. 

If you do not want to order a commission, but would still like to help out in anyway I’ve set up donation buttons on all my blogs including this one.

Every penny counts.
If you’re interested in a commission, please send me a message at Maplekyu  and we can negotiate .

I will not draw nsfw, furries, and gore. :(
I will draw, pairings, OC’s, fan art :D

Thank you, every one. I’ll list my blogs, to find out where to donate.

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askdevildenmark ha respondido a tu publicación:OMG You are about the sweetest thing to ever roam the earth!

Both of you of course!!

Awww <333]] Thaaank you you’re cute too

OMG You are about the sweetest thing to ever roam the earth!

Anyways thank you so much <333 hhhh You make both of us blushh


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((I’m out of asks, my friends!! Don’t hesitate!!))

[[ Friends, I might be on a semi semi super semi hiatus but let’s be honest, this Account  is reaaally a good one and I’d like it to update so…ASK! ]]

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Send # And my muse will “sextext” your muse

(( Im actually doing this and drawing for it ))

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Maybe I can call it semi “”hiatus”“


 Semi because I will be posting answers but hiatus because SCHOOL STARTED TODAY and ugh…it’s really hard to keep up the pace to the classes, anyways I will do as much as I can to keep this blog alive <3 I have lots of sketches to pass to digital !!

By the way Im not always on skype even if that little bitch says, so, please whenever you are remember that I live in spain and that I need to sleep and go to college okay? thats why I dont answer

kisses and hugs <3


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[[I thought it was useful to do this as I know some people that doesnt know how to pronounce it MYSELF INCLUDED[one year ago XD]]

*child Seamus* mummy ahm hungy **squishes face with palms of his chuubby baby hands*

[[This is from the baby meme so text answer xDD]]

Ahh…I dont know if I am your mummy but you are the cutest babie ever~*feeds and snuggles* <3

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