~ Time Is the Best Adviser ~

"I’m not happy with this result…and you know what happens when Im not happy with something…"

[[While Im on vacations I was kinda bored and I didnt want to do asks so I began with a silly sketch and ended like this XD I must say I have conflicted feelings about this ANYWAYS hope you like it!!!! ]]

[[I like how it came out to be honest XD hope you like it ansd SORRY for the dwelay quq]]


Draw me like one of yer french girls.~


My hand Slipped…sorry … IswearIcandraw


My brain farted.]]


Still on vacations out

please dont forget to tag me as @askathens, if you want me to see something !! 

Hugs and kisses <333

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Soooo I finally re-did thr design of her “”“house”“” aaand I decides that this was the prettier one and well I hope you like it quq ))

(( ask-writer-arthur expect her offering her house for the wedding , it was a bad thing asking her for advices xDDDD she gets even more excited than the bride herself))

Surely I will help you both!! In anything..really Just„„Just tell me ok?…


[[DEAR LORD WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HANDS, WHY DID I DO TEHSE THINGS OMG, I HAD SO MUCH FUN, IM SOSORRY XDDD but yeah she is obsessed wigth weddings and ughshe will help in ANYTHING.]]

[[Sooo I AM working on asks and omg I did this and I feel SO proud becaus this is my first time doing this kind of pose and…omg enjoy as much as I do, I feel so proud]]

ask-ladyliberty ask-depressed-wales 

How about you two?~

[[just trying some new colour style on the hair ! enjoooy]]

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I would love to make questions to other blogs….but I dont really know what are the things people talk about nowadays….it was so much easier when I was Younger….*sighs* who is okay with me asking questions?…?